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Team E-Mail addresses

If you would like a generic e-mail address eg:- please send me details of what you would like and the forwarding e-mail you want this to go to and I will set it up for you. 1 e-mail per team please...

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Site Updates

I have now started to update the site for the new season. I would appreciate it if people could e-mail me any updates or information they want adding or changing to the following address - uk .... much appreciated.

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This Site is Closed

Hi, due to reasons beyond my control, I am now having to close down this site. In future I may resume the site, but for the moment, circumstances dictate that other interests take priority. May I wish all participating teams the best of luck in their respective leagues.

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League Toppers

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Carlton Athletic Reserves



Rothwell Athletic Reserves



Sandy Lane



Woodhouse Hill WMC



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Eighty football teams, from a wide area of East Lancashire and Yorkshire compete each Sunday in eight leagues. The League was founded in 1990 and has quickly grown to become one of the counties largest youth leagues.

The League has attracted the interest and sponsorship from well known local business Warburton Family Bakers and, with their continued support, is set to continue its success into the 21st Century.

Sponsors of the League provide more than finance, though, without their help it would be impossible to provide the facilities for such a large league, which would then deprive well in excess of 1000 children the opportunity of League Football.

Football pubs in West Yorkshire

One of many good things England and Great Britain is known for, is football, for sure. They are the ones that enjoy it the most. True fans and fanatics are spread all over the United Kingdom, and most of them live in, or near, London. But outside London, West Yorkshire is one of the places where the football fanaticism culminates. If you add football to English pubs you can only get something amazing. Here are some of those amazing creations everyone should visit.

The Queen pub in 36 Bridge Street, Bradford, is one of those pubs where football becomes more than sport. Every match that is played around the world and especially by British teams can be followed here. With the amazing crowd that comes here almost every night, and the famous British beer, you cannot have anything but a great time. Especially if you come with a friend.

Where football becomes almost a religion

Yates Halifax is the place to be! It's a friendly pub that offers not only great beer, but also delicious food and awesome wine. They have six plasma TVs, size not less than 50''. Everyone who visits on Sunday nights gets a free chip butty after half time. The people are amazing, and you have the feeling that the real event is not taking place on the stadium, but there, at Yates Halifax. You see now why it is the place to be. Everyone who is not there is missing out, for sure.

One more pub located in Halifax is the Bull Green. They have a little smaller place with not that big TVs as Yates Halifax. But if you like smaller crowds and more intimate atmosphere than this is the right place for you and your friends to enjoy the next game. They offer great food and beer, tho'.

Carpe diem, and carpe the night at the pub called Carpe Diem. It is located in Leeds, has five big TVs, two pool tables and amazing music. It is a unique cellar bar with a wide range of drinks and beers. Hourglass cafe is also one of the places in Leeds where you can enjoy the perks of football with your friends. But it is more of a classy type, with not that much action going on. If you enjoy watching football with a crowd that isn't yelling because of every false move a player of their favorite team makes, than this is the right place for you. The food and bear are also awesome.

Bull Ring in Wakefield is one of the best party pubs in West Yorkshire. It has live sport and huge HD TVs. You can feel the great atmosphere there, from the moment you step in. No food, but great beer and an even better crowd. They are open every day during the week from 11 AM to 11 PM.

If you are more of a family man, then go and enjoy your football time in Podger in Leeds. It's a great family place with amazing food and great atmosphere. The pizza here is great.


How to make money betting on sports

There are some who may say that betting on sports is something that nobody can make money on. However, if you do it the right way and bet smart, you will be able to make a profit more often than not. To do so, you should understand the mechanics of sports betting as well as get to know a few tricks of the trade to get the ball rolling.

Here are a few tips:

There is value in knowledge

There is not much use in just betting on your favorite team to win for the big league games suvh as the NBA or NFL. If you do so, this can make watching the games more enjoyable but if you are looking into making a profit, then odds are not in your favor. This is because these types of games cater to a larger market. Therefore, the money that you may win will be lower than it would be if you bet on smaller market sports like collage football teams.

Also, get to know the odds of the bet that you are planning to make and if it is worth the value of your bet. This can be more favorable for you if there are less people betting on the same thing but the odds show that you are more likely to win. The best way to go about this is to focus on a few of your favorite sports and getting to know all about them. That way, you can also add your insight to how you are going to place your money on.

Listen to oddsmakers and handicappers

There is so much you can learn just by looking into the opinions and odds that are marked by handicappers and oddsmakers alike. They are the ones who have a deeper knowledge about the sport than you would ever have. If you are on their side, there are less chance of you losing your bet and more chances of you earning more bank for your buck.

Oddsmakers are experts in anticipating the turnout of each sports game as they are about to happen. Take note that they have been doing this for years and have a better understanding of how the teams are going to perform. Trying to outsmart them and betting on something you think they haven’t anticipated can lead you into a loss more often than not. You can checkout if you want to make your first bet now!

Handicappers on the other hand, take several other factors into account when determining the odds for the game’s outcome. They look into the current mood of the players, weather and location factors, and they even take in account previous games each teams have had against each other. All these are valuable opinions and can really help you in determining the bet that you will want to place.


Gambling is essentially all a game of chance. However, when it comes to sports betting, you can make the odds be more in your favor with the right insight and information that you get before you even place your bet. With that, you will be able to make money betting on sports that you enjoy to watch.