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English people and football

English people are not fans of football, they are fanatics. Almost all pubs in Great Britain have TVs and Sky TV (TV channels that broadcast exclusively and only football matches played by the English teams). That is one out of many proofs that English people are true fanatics, but how did they become such? What made the English people love football so much?

We don't know and we think no one knows for sure why it is football that made the English people so mad about team sport. But there are a few facts that may have played a role in the process of making football Britain's favorite sport. The first football club that is active to this day was formed in Yorkshire. It's the Sheffield F.C. that was formed during 1857. Later the game became more and more popular in Yorkshire and England. Soon there were a lot of football clubs all over Britain and the world. We know it is an industry today. It can't be a sport anymore if the players are being paid higher than any other people.

The second fact that may have caused the fanaticism for football in England is the fact that you can choose your favorite. People love to compete, but to compete and to do nothing during the competition part and still have the possibility to win is something everyone would love. That case is with football. And the last fact we will talk about is the fact that football is amazing. Really, that is the biggest reason, we think, why people are so mad about football. It is a good team sport that everyone can play, it is not that hard and you don't have to have any physical predispositions to be able to play. If you never felt the beauty of football then go out and play, or do something much easier, watch it on your TV.